On October 14th, 10,000 John Deere workers across the country went on strike.  With a tentative agreement between John Deere and UAW in place, those workers will now vote again and potentially be back to work soon.

The last vote on October 10 came in around 90% of the workers voting no on the deal.  They'll need 50% plus 1 of the workers to vote in favor in order to get this new deal approved.

The highlights of the new deal include a 10% wage increase in the first year, 5% increases in years 3 and 5, and 3% increases in years 2, 4, and 6.  There will also be no change to the cost of health care for the workers.  These were two of the main points of contention with the first deal.

Other items include retirement, time off, allowances, and many more items that are different from their 2015-2021 agreement.  You can compare the worker's current agreement and the contract they'll be voting on at the UAW's website here.

How are workers feeling? 

I reached out to those on the line to find out what they think?  Of course, all wanted to remain anonymous with one saying "We are divided".  This worker would hope "We go for at least one more round" of negotiations.

Yet another told me, "I'm fine with it, but I think people have unrealistic expectations".  If there are more of those with higher expectations out there, the workers could be on the line for quite a bit longer.

Not only will that affect the families of these workers, but what does that mean for community support. A worker told me "If we keep it up, the community support is going to go away saying we are being greedy.  Media will also wane the longer it goes on."

The voting will begin at 10 am Tuesday morning.

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