One of the biggest signs of success in the music industry is a Top 10 charting album on the Billboard 200. That means that not only are people hearing your music, but they've actually been moved to purchase it. And, with a Top 10 album your music is among the most sought after at that given period in time. With this list, we're taking a closer look at the Top 10 albums of rock and metal's biggest artists.

It should come as no surprise that as of press time, two of the most prolific hard rock and metal artists sit atop the rankings. Both Korn and Van Halen, while being very popular, have generated 14 Top 10 records throughout their exalted careers. There's some other big names at the top, as well, and we've ranked this list from most (14) down to the least (2), and even then there were some name acts left off that had only scored a solo entry.

One interesting item you may notice is that several band's breakout albums didn't hit the Top 10 upon their release. While they may be hugely successful and influential within the overall viewing of said act, it's also a marker of how difficult it can sometimes be to break an unknown artist to a broader audience.

Likewise, one other thing you'll see is that the album following that breakout will almost always crack the Top 10 based off the success of its predecessor and the new interest in the artist.

Another factor of note to take into consideration is what else in the music world is released the same week as some of these releases as certain albums have gone for the most part unchallenged while others have faced competition from major releases in the pop world.

This list was compiled as of April 2021, so it's possible more Top 10 entries will follow. But for now check out the Rock + Metal Artists With the Most Top 10 Charting Albums.

Rock + Metal Artists With the Most Top 10 Charting Albums

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