Ever wonder what your favorite song would sound like if that vocalist played with a different band?  Well, the guys from Alborn did which is why (as you can watch below) they created "Retuned".  Taking the vocals from songs you know and completely redoing the music around them.

The origins of "Retuned".

It was a bit over a year ago that Alborn just released a new song and video for Hindsight.  They played in front of 10,000 people to open for Shinedown on the Missississippi Valley Fair grand stage.  More was happening behind the scenes with new songs being recorded and produced.  They were ready to keep the Alborn train going full steam ahead.

The band currently has enough material to put out a double, double album.  Some of those songs were even produced by Chris Collier, the producer of Korn's latest album "Requiem".  They even shot and fully produced a music video for one of the songs.

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However, they are taking their time.  As Alborn told I-Rock 93.5 when they push everything they are working on, it's going to be big and they want it to all be done right.  So in 2023, we should expect new music, videos, and the hopes of tours beyond the region.

So in the meantime, the guys wanted to stay busy creating and came up with the idea of "Retuned".

What is "Retuned" and what are in these videos?

You can find pretty much anything on YouTube.  Including the raw vocals from some of your favorite songs.  Not somebody else singing them or the karaoke version of songs.  But the actual original audio from the original singer with no music around him.

So, Justin, Raser, Zame, and Nate decided to take these vocals and put them to new music.  They don't touch the vocals in any way.  It's the same pace, style, and notes that you know and can sing along with.  But, the music around them is new and sounds very "Alborny".  Is that a verb?

Retuned Episode 1

There are going to be 10 episodes in the series.  The guys have said they don't have all 10 songs picked out.  So if you can find some vocals that you think they should redo, send them a message on their Facebook page.

It's always best to start slowly and build up a project like this.  This is why the first episode took on "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  Wait?  Uh?  Ok...yeah, they just dove right in the deep with one of the most iconic songs in history.  And here is what they did with it.

Retuned episode 2

Next up they didn't shy away from the icons.  Taking vocals from Linkin Park and Chester Bennington to retune "In The End".

Episode 3 of Retuned

So far, and it's only 3 of 10 in, this is my favorite.  Taking a song like "Say it ain't so" and putting it into a heavy guitar and drum sound is really cool.  And on this one, they got new mics and cameras.  So it's even better.

That is all for now.  But, the guys will be pumping out at least 10 of these things.  So get ready to see what else they put together over the next couple of months while we wait for new stuff from them in 2023.

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