Every day on I-Rock 93.5 there are 100's of bands and artists that get played. Way more different than what you hear on a "normal" station.  Most of them stick with what they call a safe list.  Safety sucks.  We do things differently.

The radio gurus would tell you that if a band is not liked by 90% or more of the people listening, then it shouldn't be on the station.  I think that is dumb because then you end up with the same 20 bands playing the same 200 songs.  That's boring.

Pop fans.  Country fans.  They don't care. It's just background music.  And it all sounds the same anyway.  Rock is not just background noise.  It's in your head, heart, and soul.  It gets you up in the morning.  Keeps you going at your job.  And it's there for you when you're ready to let loose and party.

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To me, as long as a majority of the people listening like it, it's worth being on the station.  By now you should know that if you don't like what's on, in 3-4 minutes, you'll have something new that you probably will like.

Rock fans are very vocal about what they like/don't like.  All it takes is one post on social media about these below bands to get the comments, likes, angry faces, laughing faces flowing.  They send us DMs, app messages, emails, voice mails, phone calls, faxes, and carrier pigeons to make sure we know, that one "sucks".  If a rock fan doesn't like something, they'll let you know.

When we are talking about "polarizing" we're not talking about controversial, we're talking about the ones that people love, and people hate.  Below are some of the most polarizing bands you hear on I-Rock 93.5.

The Most Polarizing Bands You Hear On I-Rock 93.5

There is a lot of different types of rock music out there and unlike pop or country, a lot of it sounds different from one song to the next. And some people get so mad about certain bands any time we talk about, post or play them. Here are those that I know are instant triggers for people.

Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt

It was a packed house for the Hip To Be Scared - Severed Leg 2 tour featuring Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt.

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