Corey Taylor will be back at The Rust Belt Friday, May 5th.  Get your tickets here.

For two nights in a row, Corey Taylor rocked the Rust Belt in East Moline.  And we have the pictures to prove it.

When we announced the CMFT tour was coming to the Quad Cities you jumped on the tickets quickly.  Hell, you sold out the Saturday night show before it actually went on sale by using our presale code.  So of course, with a sell-out that fast they added a second show for Sunday night.  Both shows were fantastic, both shows were similar, and both shows were different.

Before talking about the actual show I just need to mention again how great it is to hang out with all of you.  Walking through the crowd and seeing faces I know from our other events and social media reminded me quickly it was about the show, but it was about watching the show with our rock family.

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Ok, now for the actual show.  On Friday (June 11) CMFT was in Detroit.  Saturday and Sunday he was here in the Quad Cities.  On both nights you would have thought it was the first show of the tour.  The energy from all the performers from Cherry Bombs to Corey was top-notch all the way through.  I'd think the second night might be down a bit, no it was not.  It was full CMFT from start to finish.

The night started with the Cherry Bombs on the stage.  I don't think the words will do them justice.  Beautiful, strong, talented, amazing...yeah, I can't describe it.  All I can do is point you to the pictures below.

Then came CMFT.  I could write 1000 words and it wouldn't describe the energy of the night.  This was the last "pod" style show at The Rust Belt.  Moving forward for Sevendust, Steel Panther, and 3 Doors Down it will be fully open.  But the pods didn't stop the energy as each one was rockin' in its own way.

Corey would play a lot, of course, from the new CMFT album.  Samantha's Gone definitely got the biggest pop of the night from the crowd out of those.  They played a lot from Stone Sour.  I think they were all equal in the before and after cheering from the crowd.  I personally very much enjoyed Song #3, I just love that one.  But of course, the loudest cheer of the night came from one note.  When Corey sat down with his acoustic guitar and played that one first note from Snuff the place erupted.  Corey said, "Oh you like that huh".  Yeah, we all did.

It was a special night with things you'd expect, and things you wouldn't.  Like Corey solo at a keyboard playing a song, he wrote and played for his wife (Alicia) on their wedding.  And even after 90 minutes for the third day in a row, CMFT's voice was still on point, and that voice we all love to hear.

Enjoy these photos from the show thanks to awesomealex_photo on Instagram.

CMFT & Cherry Bombs at The Rust Belt


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