Even though it might have been a Thursday night in Iowa City, it didn't stop the Wildwood Saloon from once again hosting a packed house for Nonpoint to make a stop with special guests Saul, Kingdom Collapse, Dark Agenda, and NonGrata.  A line had already begun to form outside an hour before the 6PM door opening.

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NonGrata got things started with a Tool style opening back facing the crowd, but quickly turned and got everyone pumped up.  Next came Dark Agenda, who kept the crowd psyched.  Kingdom Collapse played after that, and really drew the crowd in with their singles Uprise and Unbreakable.

Iowa's own Saul were up next, and as anticipated, they blew the crowd away.  With singles like King of Misery and Looking to Fight it was high energy the whole way through the set.  I was most impressed at the end when they were being motioned off the stage due to time restrictions, and lead singer Blake Bedsaul shakes his head, and turns to the crowd to say "We've got one more for you, is that ok?"  Breaking into their smash hit Brother to end it.

Nonpoint really needs no introduction.  Having been touring for over 20 years, they know what they're doing, and they have perfected it.  Opening with What a Day and ending with Bullet with a Name, everything in between was pure adrenaline.  From lead singer Elias Soriano jumping all over the stage with a baseball bat, and grabbing fan's phones while in crowd to record from the stage, it really was an interactive experience.  No fan gets left behind, and that's a sentiment we can all appreciate.  Check out some photos from the upper deck at Wildwood here.


Ghost In Our Iowa Basement?

As a radio station, we have a lot of people here who have seen some scary stuff. Do you see any ghosts in these photos? I can't, but I also don't know what to look for.

This Isn't The First Face Caught On Camera Here!
In September of 2020 the band "Pit Lord" came to the building to shoot a music video. They shot it in the basement and for a split second in the recording, you can make out a face of what looks to be a woman. You can see that video here.

With a history of ghosts, it's safe to say the basement of our building is CREEPY!