Do you remember the first time you heard your favorite band or musician? It was likely a groundbreaking moment that would change your life forever, and according to a new study by TickPick, you were probably just starting your adolescence.

TickPick conducted a survey to discover how parents influence their children's music tastes. Over 490 parents participated and more than 500 music listeners reflect on their music experiences in their youth. Ultimately, the top 10 influencers on one's music taste throughout their childhood are friends, radio, movies, father, mother, TV, concerts and festivals, siblings, social media and hobbies and interests.

The results revealed that most people discover their favorite musical artist at the age of 13, and are exposed to explicit music at 12-and-a-half. Does that sound about right, Maggots?

Hard rock, classic rock and heavy metal are three of the top five genres preferred by parents who try to influence their children's music tastes. Additionally, parents and children who attend concerts together reported having stronger bonds than those who didn't. See a graph below, and check out all of the results of the study here.


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