The day after Valentine's Day there was so much love in Cedar Rapids.  Love of really good hard rock.  Korn and Breaking Benjamin played to a near sold out US Cellular Center with set lists that included hit after hit after hit.

Breaking Benjamin opened the set with The Diary of Jane.  A song many Breaking Benjamin fans have heard many times.  But to start the night live instantly set the tone for the next hour of hits.  From album one with Polyamorous to new songs like Red Cold River and Torn in Two, the energy and crowd engagement was through the roof.  I'm not sure why, but I felt this set and performance was better than what we saw in the Quad Cities back in March.

Then the curtain dropped (literally) on the headliner of the night.  Korn.  (author note, this was my 22 Korn show.  So I'm a bit of a fan.)  Instantly when the first riffs of Here To Stay started the vibe was set.  Even with Head under the weather and having to take some time sitting in a chair side stage while playing, Korn sounded as good as ever.  Always tight.  Always unique.  Always loud.  Johnathon can still sing and scream with the best of them.  The performance of new song You'll Never Find Me was the highlight of my night.  Not just because it's new and I've seen the hits 20 times, but because the energy and vocals were amazing.  I'm also a sucker every time of 4U.  It's just raw emotion.  Which is why I told the drunk people who were walking back into the row to hurry the f up cause they were in my way and I needed to see, and sing, that one.  Seriously, when you sit middle of a row, pick and choose your times wisely to go get more drinks.

Anyways, here are some photos.  Hopefully if you were there this takes you back.  If you weren't there, between my brief description and these photos we can kind of take you there.  Also, if you haven't seen them.  Find a way to see them.  You won't be disappointed.

Korn & Breaking Benjamin


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