Anyone who's been following my escapades online(and you'd be lame af if you're not by now) knows that I post a semi-regular blog on our website called 9.35 Questions with Becky in Black where I interview musicians both local and national asking questions both relevant to just plain weird.  I finally had the pleasure of taking this platform live, and welcoming Alabama band Shallow Side in studio while they happen to be in town for a show at Rascals on Saturday May 28th.  I ask them everything from their hopes and dreams to what their most embarassing tour moments are.

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First off, I have to say for my first in-studio interview, I could not have gotten more lucky to have such a fun, laid-back group of guys to hang out with.  I knew it was going to be a good time when I saw them walking up to the Rock 'n Roll Mansion acoustic guitars in hand.  They drove over 14 hours just to play in the Quad Cities and had tire trouble at the halfway point!  But they soldiered on and made it here with plenty of stories to tell!

One of the questions I asked them was if they had ever gotten any advice from any of the bands they have toured with.  Eric told me that he got a good piece from Black Stone Cherry once after admiring how tuned in they were on stage each and every night.  He said Chris told him, "I just finish my cigarette and get right on stage and get to it."  How's that for encouraging words of advice?

I also asked them the obligatory who would win in a fight question.  This matchup was between Ozzy Osbourne or Keith Richards.  We really didn't come up with a definitive answer, but I think we steered more towards Ozzy, and deduced that he may or may not be Batman.

You can hear my entire conversation with Shallow Side below, find out about Heath's trailer knocking with a taken woman(or women), as well as listen to a surprise acoustic performance of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" to end the interview!  You can also catch Shallow Side tomorrow night at Rascals Moline along with Elisium, Nongrata, and High Five Sinners.  Get your tickets here, or at the door.

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