This weeks I-Host winner rocks hard.  I mean you all do.  But when you take your passion for metal and turn it into your business with cupcakes.  You rock really hard.  Check out Sydney's page on Instagram at Black Magic Bakery.

Question 1:  Who are you?
Sydney Damewood - baker, hot dog maker, and metal head .

Question 2:  Why do you love hard rock?
I’ve loved hard rock since I was a kid, my dad listened to 104.9 throughout my childhood and then when I discovered YouTube I took a full dive into loving rock and metal.

Question 3:  Who is your favorite band?
Type O Negative

Question 4:  What is the best concert you've seen?
It’s a tie between System of a Down and Gojira.

Here is Syd's playlist.  #GetHard

Forest - System of a Down
I Don’t Wanna Be Me - Type O Negative
Earth Scar - Decapitated
A Brotherhood of Man - Kublai Khan TX
Judith - A Perfect Circle
Demiurge - Meshuggah
Hank Is Dead - Red Fang
Innervision - System of a Down
Fake - Korn
Du Riechst so gut - Rammstein
From the Pinnacle to the Pit - Ghost
Perennial - Jinjer



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