I am Matt Kershner aka Dawg member of MDR cult here at 93.5. I'm 42 years old

I love hard rock/metal because the raw emotion it gives to you in any giving song. It can help you get through any situation you're going through. From being sad and want to be alone. To you need something to pump you up to get you through your day to where you do give sh*t and need to let it all loose and go. You pick that song and let it all release at once no other genre can do all of this and that's why it's the best genre.

Metallica is my favorite all time band I have seen them 14 times. My sentimental band is Motley Crue because of my best friend and Uncle Todd who got me into metal music at a very young age till he passed 2 days before my 8th birthday.

AC/DC September 15th 2015 at Wrigley Field! Had great seats. Was absolutely incredible and stellar performance that kicked my arse for 3 hours. No opener just them! I saw the greatest guitars of all time play his guitar and do 10 minute solo with his damn tie! HIS DAMN TIE!!! Unreal concert

1 – Anthrax – Fight ‘Em ‘til You Can’t
2 – Metallica – My Friend of Misery
3 – Slayer – World Painted Blood
4 – Megadeth – Tornado of Souls
5 – Lamb of God – Dead Seeds
6 – In This Moment – The Gun Show
7 – Slipknot – Sulfur
8 – Chevelle - Under The Knife
9 – The Hong Kong Sleepover – Not Enough Whiskey
10 – Lamb of God – Momento Mori
11 – Ozzy – My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide
12 – In This Moment – Adrenalize
13 – Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

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