Here we go again.  The A-Z Countdown is on.  We started with "...And Justice For All" at 4am Monday morning and will finally get to the last "Z" song at around 8pm on Saturday (12/11).  The last time we did this it took 120 hours.  This time, 135.  It just keeps on growing. With all this music, there will probably be some songs you don't recognize.  Just remember, you can always check out our playlist on the I-Rock 93.5 app and right here.

This time, it's being hosted by you...mostly.

Back in November, I asked the I-Rock 93.5 Facebook page if they would want to come in and host the countdown if I did it again.  So many "yes I'll be there!" responses, I thought I'd have no problem getting enough people to host the week.  Silly me for believing anything on social media.

As of the writing of this story, we've only had enough people to cover until Wednesday at noon.  I really thought there would be more people wanting to plug their band, their business, or their Only Fans page.  Check out the braves souls who did show up below.  They all did a fine job...and you can do it too.

Come over to the Rock & Roll Mansion at 1229 Brady Street and I'll get you in the studio.  12/9 from 9am-5pm or 12/10 from 9am-6pm.

Depending on how fast you are at this, it could take you 20 minutes or an hour.  Everyone has recorded enough breaks to cover an hour of music...some have done 3 hours of music.  It's up to you how much we do.

If you don't come in and record, then we have to listen to that other guy all week.  Yuck.

Do's of recording for the "I-Host A-Z Countdown"

  • Do say your name.  Almost every time if you want.  Let people know who you are.
  • Do have fun.
  • Do be honest.  If you don't know the song/band or don't like it, say that.  If you love it and have a story about that band, say it.
  • Do give shoutouts to family, friends...even coworkers.
  • Do give plugs to your band, business, or social media accounts...especially if on OnlyFans.

Do NOTs of recording for the "I-Host A-Z Countdown"

  • Do not cuss.
  • Do not talk politics.  Save those hot takes for your social media page.
  • Do not be nervous.  I can do can do this.  Literally, anybody can do this.

The A-Z Countdown I-Hosts

This week (12/6-12/11) I-Rock 93.5 is playing every song we have in the computer. But this time, you are hosting it. It's an "all I-Host" A-Z Countdown. Why the quotation marks on the "all"...because there have only been the brave few to walk through the Rock & Roll Mansion doors and give it a try. While the below pictures get the week started, there is a chance it will grow. With your picture. Stop on in and take part as we go A-Z with all...mostly...I-Hosts!

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