We all have that favorite band.  For some of us, that means we own all their albums. Know all the words. Have seen them live.  Own some gear.  For others, it means tattoos, all the merch, the bootleg songs, and as many shows as they can fit in.  I think I'm somewhere between the two.  But I sure have seen Korn live in concert a lot.

I'm not going to claim I'm some Korn OG.  I wasn't there in Bakersfield in 1994.  Even in the immediate years after I was still finding my way in the musical world.  Coming off grunge and the start of nu-metal I didn't know where my music fit was yet.  I was still listening to what my parents listened to.  Zeppelin, Hendrix, Doors...the real classic rock.

It was in July of 1999 that I found what I was missing.

From 1000 miles away, in my sad little one-bedroom part of a house I was renting, I watched on somewhat descrambled cable...Woodstock 99.  Being that I didn't pay for it and it just kind of came in and out I just watched bits and pieces.  But as fate were to have it, things kicked in very clearly at just the right time and I just happened to turn it on when Korn was getting ready to take the stage.

When they walked out and opened the show with Blind and the crowd started jumping and swaying in unison...the sound of the band and the sight of that live show, I knew at that moment I found "my people".

So how many times have I seen Korn?

Now here we are, 23 years later and I've been able to see that band that made me feel complete 25* times.  Why the "*" in there.  Well, first off because I have 25 ticket stubs that you can see (along with other pics) below. So maybe it's more...but no ticket, no count.  There is also the "*" in there because while it's true I have 25 Korn ticket stubs below that chronicle my journey across this country, I also have 2 tickets from Johnathan Davis solo shows.  It's JD and he played plenty of Korn songs when he did his solo tour.  So I feel like I can count those and take it up to 27.

If you don't buy that, then we'll stick with 25...so far.  There will be more.  So is that "obsessive"?  I would like to think it's not.  It's me.  From that 20-year-old kid discovering them for the first time and getting in the pit with all the other crazies, to old me hanging in the back of the floor.  It's me...with my people in my happy place.  Thank you Korn.

Take A Look At The 25 Times I've Seen Korn.

When a band is your favorite band, you'll go out of your way to see them live. Or sometimes see them back to back. In my case, that band has been Korn. And these are the 25 (plus 2) times I've seen them live. Maybe it was more...but no ticket, no count. So I'll stick with my current (and sure to grow) number of 25.

Korn and Chevelle at The TaxSlayer Center

The TaxSlayer Center in East Moline was rockin on March 25 with Korn and Chevelle. The two dynamic bands teamed up along with Code Orange for a night of rock for the Quad Cities. If you have not seen Korn live, it's a must for you however you can. The energy will fill any size venue you get to see them in.

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