I predicted this would happen. Ever wanted to call the Ghostbusters, but thought they were just a movie memory now? Fear not. Missouri really does have its own version of the Ghostbusters - sort of.

Funny things can happen when you go exploring social media and this is a great example of that. Have you ever heard of the Missouri Ghostbusters? They're a real organization that's been around for 15 years according to their official Facebook page. Hey, are those plasma accelerators real?

They sure to look like a determined bunch and I think they're based out of the Springfield, Missouri area if I'm not mistaken. Their Facebook page says "For 15 years, you've known who to call for conventions, gatherings, and events!". There's a Missouri Ghostbusters Linktree page, too, if you're so inclined.

While I'm disappointed they don't seem interested in investigating full-body apparitions or poltergeists, they do look like a determined bunch.

Missouri Ghostbusters via YouTube
Missouri Ghostbusters via YouTube

I'm guessing this group would be a lot of fun at a convention or extravagant birthday party. If they do have real plasma accelerators though, I have a project I'd like to sign them up for. While I wait for that to happen, you can follow them on their Missouri Ghostbusters Facebook page if you'd like to see who in Missouri is getting slimed.

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