Slash has managed to juggle his return to Guns N' Roses and his ongoing solo career with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, but 2024 will bring another challenge for the musician. The guitar great revealed that he's got a new solo album in the works, but it comes with a twist. Slash is recording a blues-centric record that will feature a number of guest performers.

The guitarist revealed the news to Yahoo! Entertainment as they were discussing his recent collaboration with Demi Lovato, who it turns out is one of the guests on Slash's upcoming record. Slash's recent guest turn on the rock version of Lovato's previous hit "Sorry Not Sorry" came about as the return favor for the singer guesting on Slash's upcoming record.

Slash said of the upcoming collection that it's "sort of similar to my first solo record" with "a bunch of different singers." Fans will remember that collection includes Slash playing with a variety of musicians including Fergie, Ozzy Osbourne, Adam Levine, Dave Grohl, Andrew Stockdale, Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy, with the collaboration with Kennedy going so well that Slash eventually asked him to front his touring solo band when promoting that album. That's since been parlayed into a full-fledged group that have been part of Slash's solo efforts since, though it is not known if Kennedy and the Conspirators are playing on the new album. Slash also noted in the interview that the record was "more blues-oriented."

The guitarist chose to keep other details about the album close to the vest, but did add "it's definitely coming out next year." "There's not really much more to tell you at this point, but [Demi and I] definitely recorded something. Her album is way different than mine. It's a completely different type of a song, so it's interesting how diverse her voice can be."

Speaking about his connection to Lovato, Slash revealed that they bonded over their shared experiences with addiction and recovery. “She and I know each other because we're both… we've been through that,” says Slash. “We were introduced a long time ago and we had that relate to — we were both struggling addicts and all that. … I'd been sober for a little while and she was still struggling a little bit, having just gone through a relapse. And then I talked to her just post-that, and she was sort of trying to get it back together and whatnot. That's how we initially started sort of talking, and she's just really cool and she's a really intelligent and talented girl. And so, we’ve just been friends ever since then.”

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While 2024 appears to be the window for Slash's more blues-oriented solo album, he remains on tour with Guns N' Roses in 2023. The band will wrap their European tour this Saturday (July 22) in Athens, Greece, then catching a breather before starting a North American run Aug. 5 in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada.

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