Can you really pick just one town in an entire state to be the best or most of anything? Well, apparently you can, and according to a recent article in Architectural Digest they did just that.

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Not only to pick the most beautiful in the state but the nation is a hard task to accomplish, but someone took that task on and announced the 55 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America. No surprise to anyone, I'm sure, that Galena, Illinois was named the most beautiful in America.

Never have been to Glaena so I really can't say either way if the town is beautiful or not but many f my family and friends have and they just rave about it every time they go. Coming in at #35 on the list, the article describes the town as being,

Chicagoans like to book romantic weekends in this town along the Mississippi River where the state’s flatlands are replaced by river bluffs. Between April and November, a popular attraction is the funicular, affording a bird’s-eye view of the town.

I really do have to go see this town for myself. Just take a weekend and go explore, do some shopping, eat some local food, and take in everything that this small town has to offer. Especially this time of year I am sure the town is all decorated for fall and looks even more beautiful with the changing of the color of leaves.

Sadly, neither Missouri nor Iowa is on this list, but I am sure we can argue that each state has its own version of Galena and should be on the list.

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