I've been writing stories for all of October about some of the most haunted places in and around the QC area. From the haunted grounds of 13 steps and a dark Davenport legend with the limb of an unknow child. This location is one for the books.

Two years ago my friends and I made an appointment to spend the night at Edinburgh Manor, it was a fun and spooky adventure. I traveled back to this location last weekend just to see the place again. It still gives me goosebumps.

Located in Monticello Iowa you can spend the night in this abandoned asylum. It is by appointment only. The history behind this place may make you think twice before staying.

In 1910, the poor farm closed down and was demolished. Edinburgh Manor was then constructed from 1910-1911 to house the incurably insane, the poor and the elderly. Edinburgh Manor, also referred to as The Manor, was in operation until November 2010.

Medical documents and personal belongings can still be found in The Manor. When the last patients and employees left the building in 2010, they never returned. I saw these belonging first hand when I was there.

Credit: Logan Coppess
Credit: Logan Coppess

There are many rumored ghosts, and demons in this building. Some are thought to be children.

The other myths were that of a long black figure walking around.


There was also a bed rumored to have a spirit watching over it. If you laid in it you would feel the pressure of hands holding you down.

Finally there is also a more violent spirit in the basement. That's where we felt hands on our shoulders, loud noises, and a scream.


Over all while this did not offer the biggest scares out of all the spots I had been to. It did offer a truly spooky all-nighter. It is the only location where for a second I though I could be in actual danger.

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