The last time Culver's introduced this burger to the ravenous public, locations sold out within hours.  This year, the burger chain hopes to supply folks with these cheesy amazing burgers for 3 weeks.  Or while supplies last.

It all started as an April Fool's joke.

It was April 1, 2021 when Culver's decided to play a joke on everyone by introducing the "Curderburger".  It was a bun with a big ol cheese curd.  That was it.  Little did they realize, every one wanted one!

After the public "outcry" which included comments, pleas, and even petitions for a real curderburger, Culver's realized their was a demand, and made them available.

For one day only, hungry folks everywhere were able to get their hands on the Wisconsin Cheese Curd crown stacked on a Deluxe ButterBurger.

In one day Culver's sold 136,000 curderburgers. With that kind of demand, they upping the supply this year.


When can you get a curderburger this year?

This year you can dive in the cheesy goodness for three weeks (or while supplies last...which good chance they don't last 3 weeks).  Staring October 12, get to your local Culver's early and come back often to get one before they're gone.  Then you can be as happy as these fellas.


Culvers said that "Guests were overjoyed that their cheese-lover dreams had come true and went to social media to talk about it – with one guest stating, “I’m not even sure this should be legal.”  But it is legal.  And you can get one if you get in line...behind me.

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