First off, today's I-Host winner has a story behind her photo!  This is Tanya Duncan and her Chris Cornell shirt and "combat" boot that made it to many concerts and all the way to the front row body surfing at a Soundgarden show in 93 at Palmer Auditorium.

Question one – Who are you?

Tanya Duncan (pronounced TONYA) is a MUSIC lover first and foremost, business start up/entrepreneur (recruiter and window cleaner), gardener, cookie lady, animal rescue advocate and refurbisher enthusiast

Question two – Why do you love hard rock?

It is in my blood. It all started when I was about 8. Well it actually started many years before that. My folks were never into sports. We watched American Bandstand instead of football. They listened to Bob Dylan, Moody Blues and Wayland Jennings to name a few. My music taste evolved from Shawn Cassidy and John Denver to hard rock and metal. When I was about 8 my mom took me on a bus trip to Six Flags as a little vacation. The bus stopped and picked up a CHURCH group in Hamilton Illinois and one of the kids played Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon over and over the whole way to Six Flags and back. I was hooked. I progressed from that to Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Seattle Grunge and alternative and hard rock. Now, I am ONE chick who can talk “music” with the best of them.

Question three – Who is your favorite band/artist?

3) CHRIS CORNELL first and foremost, Sully Erna and Brent Smith. I like the combination of great vocals with being able to “belt it out” in hard rock or heavy metal. Sully/Avalon or all of his solo stuff is EXCELLENT. Corey Taylor acoustic or work with Stone Sour is pretty sweet too.

Question four – What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Chris Cornell acoustic Higher Truth tour at the Adler Theater July 2016 by far. It was a magical night. When I arrived, everyone was close to my age. They were all wearing their grunge Pearl Jam and Soundgarden shirts. Everyone was SO happy to be there. It was as if we were ONE big happy family. We all had ONE thing in common, we all LOVED Chris Cornell. A lady yelled several times, “we love you Chris” He would say thank you, modestly. We were on cloud 9. It was truly one of THE best nights of my life. Little did I know that in just a year he would be gone. I would say that the day we lost Chris Cornell was one of the saddest days of my life. Losing him and his music was a terrible and devastating loss for me. It was almost as if that whole Seattle grunge era was over. Before him we lost Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and now Chris Cornell etc. All that was left from that special time in my life/genre was Eddie Veddar.

This is kind of a walk through my life with music.

Diary of a Madman-Ozzy
Bang Your Head-Quiet Riot
Trick or Treat-Fastway
High and Dry-Def Leppard
Victim of Changes-Judas Priest
Breaking the chains-Dokken
Desperate Heart-Triumph
Still loving you-Scorpions
Live Wire-Motley Crew
Stargazer-Mother Love Bone
Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam
Bother-Stone Sour
Broken-Seether featuring Amy Lee
Save me-Shinedown
If you only knew-Shinedown
Like a Stone-Audioslave
Scream-Chris Cornell
Under your scars-Godsmack
7 years-Sully Erna

I left out all of the obvious. AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Alice and Chains, etc. Why? They are ones that are frequently played on other stations.

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