My name is Mindy Rice. I am from West Burlington Iowa, but originally from Seaton Illinois. If you Brady Bunch our kids together we have 5 boys, one girl, and 4 grandchildren

I love hard rock because it makes me happy. It's nice to be able to lose myself in a song and forget about the frustrations around me. Trump talking too much?? Closer by Linkin Park.  Bosses treat you like crap..back from the dead alive.  Dealing with dirty people...BLOOD.  I have a song for every situation...haha

My favorite band, I have several.  Pantera is top of the list.  I think I have favorite songs rather than bands.

The best concert was the one in Burlington at the auditorium with Royal bliss and a couple of other bands. I went with the lead singer of Stars in Toledo, who is my nephew, and my oldest son. We had a blast.

  1. In This Moment - Blood
  2. In This Moment - Whore
  3. Pantera - Domination
  4. Drowning Pool - Bodies
  5. Royal Bliss - Medication
  6. Corrosion of conformity - Albatross
  7. Disturbed - Sound of Silence
  8. Stars In Toledo - Rock and Roll 247 365
  9. Halestorm - I Get Off
  10. Halestorm - Back From The Dead
  11. Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide
  12. The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down
  13. Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

2021 Quad Cities Drive-thru Christmas Light Displays

Tis the season for awesome Christmas lights throughout the Quad Cities! It's always exciting to see everyone's hard work, but there are other light displays put up by city organizations and volunteers, and entire neighborhoods that you also need to see. This is the full list of drive-thru Christmas light displays in the Quad Cities area.

Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt

It was a packed house for the Hip To Be Scared - Severed Leg 2 tour featuring Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt.

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