Two years ago, I never thought we'd have that kind of party.  That was a damn good time.  Thank you for coming out to Riveview Roadhouse and celebrating our two year anniversary!

The night started a bit rough.  From 5:15 till almost 6pm the rain just kept coming.  And it was heavy rain.  More than we saw all day.  But, the rock gods were not going to let rain ruin our night.  The early arrives hid under the tents, went in the bar and just waited it out.  By 6:05 when High Five Sinners got the night started, the rain stopped and the crowd started to fill in.

I don't know how many people were there.  But I can tell you that we ran out of the 300 shirts by the time High Five Sinners was done playing.  And we ran out of the 550 I-Rock wrist bands we ordered as well.  And I didn't take one of the shirts or the wrist bands!  Damn...I should have taken one for myself.  I also know you like to drink.  I mean, I already knew that, but this just proved it even more.  Riverview Roadhouse had to make runs to the beer and liquor distributors the next morning cause you cleaned them out!  That's how we party.

Another shout out to Alborn, The Forty Twos, Hex Girls and High Five sinners.  You guys all kicked ass.  To all our sponsors who actually believe in this crazy thing we do here.  Aha Holisticals, Dump Box, Hilltop Gunshop, Mike's Floorpro, Olderog Tire & Performance, Premier Metal Art, Shademaster Nursery, Simonson Brothers Repair, Smithfield Foods and Upper Iowa University.  Jacob with for the awesome design.  And most of all, thank you.  Thank you for listening, downloading, reading, liking and showing up to all these things I-Rock does.

Two years.  It's just the start.  I'll keep bringing the shows and bribes if you keep showing up.  Like Dan, who won the cash, and Justin who won the fire pit can have a good time and take stuff home as well.  See you at the next one.

2 Year Anniversary Party

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