There is a new restaurant that will be opening up in Bettendorf near the TBK Bank Sports Complex. This new restaurant is making sure you will get your gyro and burger fix. It's called L&B Gyros and it is going into the location that was home to Freshii.

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The Quad Cities will soon have another place to get gyros and burgers. L&B Gyros (5009 Competition Dr, Bettendorf, IA 52722) is the newest restaurant opening near the TBK Bank Sports Complex (BettPlex) and people are excited for them to open.

L&B Gyros will be in the same location that was once home to Freshii. Back in January, Jake and Courtney Eikenberry, the owners of Freshii announced that they were closing the restaurant. The Eikenberrys announced the news on social media via Facebook and Instagram.


A few months after the closing of Freshii, L&B Gyros announced in April that they were coming to the location and opening in the summer. In a social media post on May 27th, they said that the business would be "coming soon."

We know that the signs are up at the new home of L&B Gyros.

Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media Quad Cities
Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

What we don't know is the actual opening date for L&B. We also haven't seen a menu for this business. What we can assume is that they will be serving two things:

  • Gyros
  • Burgers

Will L&B Gyros also be serving up Shwarma? Falafel? I guess we'll find out soon enough. As we get ready for L&B Gyros to open its doors at 5009 Competition Drive in Bettendorf, let's remind ourselves how to say "gyros".

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