I like it when people do my job at I-Rock 93.5.  Really anybody can do this.  All you have to do is listen to the I-Host hour Friday's at 6pm.  Well, in a first, I was sent the below story.  A "guest story" for the website.  And since I have to always write stories, thank you Tanya for doing my job once again!  (If you want to write something for the site, you can always reach out on Facebook and I'll gladly have you do my job that day)


Thank you Ryan McCredden for helping bring 93.5 to the Quad Cities. Being a big hard rock, alternative, and metal music fan, your station was much desired by people like me.  You can only hear The Doors SO many times.....

My love for music started as young as four. I was deeply in love with John Denver. He had a weekly show and when it would go off the air every week I would cry. On Sunday nights we watched Hee Haw after we washed our hair(: Our treat while we watched it was popcorn and a cup of pop (for the week) which I think was equivalent to half a can. A year or two later I fell madly in love with Shawn Cassidy. I slept with that album. I evolved to Dolly Parton. When my cousins would pull up for a visit I would crank up my turntable record player (Here You Come Again by Dolly) or whatever else I was listening to showing off. I moved on to Freddy Fender and Bob Seger (Night Moves).

As I mentioned when I was I-Host at 93.5 in May, my love for hard rock/metal occurred by accident. I was on a bus trip to six flags with my mother, her friend, and her daughter. We picked up a church group in Hamilton Illinois. One of the riders played Bark at the Moon by Ozzy the whole way to Six Flags and back. Hence, there is the beginning of my head banging days(: I managed to get the kid's number and address before he climbed off the bus and we were pen pals for a while. I moved on from there to Quiet Riot and Def Leppard.  High and Dry was one of the best of Def Leppard albums.

My mom took me to my first rock concert. I think I was all of ten years old? I took a friend with me too. If I recall we stayed at my grandma's after because the concert was in Cedar Rapids where she lived.  It was Rick Springfield. He was on General Hospital at the time. I cried through the whole concert. It was a " Beatle " moment for me. I just could not believe I was watching him and I was so in love with him. I think my mom thought I was nuts but she enjoyed the concert too.

My 2nd show was Autograph at the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington Iowa. I got to venture out a bit on my own and go with a boy(:

From then, it has evolved to seeing Ozzy, Metallica, and Kiss as many as 5 times each. I also saw Nirvana and Soundgarden a few times. The largest show I have been to was Lollapalooza at Alpine Valley Wisconsin in 92. I believe it was the second Lollapalooza and there were over 30,000 people there. Would you believe I missed Temple of the Dog on a 2nd stage? I was busy standing in food lines. I would stand there for 15 min and decide I was never going to make it to the front and move off to another line to start the process all over again.  I don't believe I ever ate anything at that show.

When I did I-host Ryan McCredden asked me where Palmer Auditorium was(: why It is right down the street. White Zombie, Soundgarden, Alice and Chains,  Nirvana, Creed, Guns N' Roses, and Pantera are all shows I have seen at Palmer Auditorium.   My favorite memory from Palmer Auditorium is body surfing to the front row of Soundgarden and being about 4 ft from Chris Cornell.

During this pandemic, I can’t tell you how much the station, being a guest I-Host and the MDR shows have meant to me.   Thanks so much!

Tanya Duncan

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