I really did give my last pair of Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Cards away back in July.  But somehow, there was an extra pair floating around the Rock & Roll Mansion.  As you can see by the picture, somebody used them for Tuesday...but you don't care about Tuesday.  You care about Thursday night!  So screw it, I took em and I'm giving them to you.

These fun cards won't come with the ticket to win the $500.  So whoever used those tickets first has a chance at the cash.  But whatever, it's still tickets to see Shinedown and Alborn Thursday starting at 7pm.  Yes, here is another great chance to remind you...the show starts at 7pm!

Sign up below to win the MVF Fun Cards.  You can sign up till 4pm.  Then, the computer will pick a winner and I'll give you a call.  Since I'll be at the MVF, you'll get a call from my cell phone.  Yes, it will be the weird Tucson, AZ number calling you.  Don't ask.  You'll need to be at the I-Rock 93.5 tent by 6:30 to get the cards.

It would be cool if you gave them back to me after you got in....there might be somebody looking for them Friday at the Rock and Roll Mansion.  Just don't tell anybody you got em from me!

Sevendust, Austin Meade, Alborn, Kirra at The Rust Belt

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