Question one - Who are you?

I'm Morgan Smothers, born and raised in Nashville, TN. We moved back to DeWitt right around this time last year from Charleston, SC.

Question Two - Why do you love hard rock?

I grew up on classic rock like ZZTOP, Bob Segar, The Doobie Brothers, The Outlaws and some country music. My very first concert was ZZTOP at the age of four. Fast forward to 2007--still in Nashville, a Freshman in college, I met my Husband, who's originally from DeWitt, who I give credit to for introducing me to hard rock / heavy metal. After dating a few weeks, we went cruising around Nashville one Sunday. He handed me a disc to put in the CD player. I remember hearing the opening "...hush little babyyy...don't make sounnnddd...hush little babbyy...this is gonna more than youuuuu" and the heaviness of Otep's "Eat the Children" had me speechless and immediately hooked. Later that day, I was introduced to one of my now all time favorites, Pantera via Official Live:101 Proof.

My love for hard rock/heavy metal is never ending and continues to grow. It's what fills up most of my Spotify playlists and what pushes me through each day. I wish I could have experienced just some of the classics, early 90s rock/metal bands in person. For now, I'll keep losing myself in the music and hope to goodness I can get some pit therapy in 2021. \m/

Question Three - Who is your favorite band/artist?

Right now, it's Gojira. These guys are true artists--their sound is incredible live! It makes sense that Randy Blythe first discovered Gojira. :

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen? 

In person -- Hatebreed at the House of Blues, Orlando, 2012 (my first indoor experience)

Televised -- Jinjer at Resurrection Fest 2018 or Gojira at Pol'And'Rock Festival, 2018 -- both have incredible sound!

Here is my playlist:
Battle Ready - Otep
Wasteland - All That Remains
You've Seen the Butcher - Deftones
Creature Of The Wheel - White Zombie
Paper Tiger - Dry Kill Logic
Obzen - Meshuggah
Cleansation - Chimaira
Silvera - Gojira
Blacken the Cursed Sun - Lamb of God
I Speak Astronomy - Jinjer
Assume - Sylar
Did My Time - Korn

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