We see new social media challenges every day, especially on the social media platform, TikTok. The latest TikTok challenge has an eastern Iowa police department warning residents of the challenge and for those who want to participate in the challenge to not do so. The new challenge involves a popular toy gun and some people even go as far as to make their toy gun look like a real gun.

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The Clinton Police Department took to social media to warn residents of Clinton about a new TikTok challenge that is happening in the community. In the social media post, Clinton Police want the community to be aware of the newest challenge that involves a popular toy gun. Officials say that in some cases, these guns have been made to look like real guns which makes this challenge even more dangerous.

The specific TikTok challenge the Clinton Police Department is referencing is the “Orbeez Shooting Challenge.” Officials say the challenge consists of using a popular toy called “Splat guns” and similar toy guns. The premise of the challenge is to use the "Splat guns" or other toy guns to do “drive-by shootings." Challengers also chase people and friends and shoot them with a water balloon-like bullet.

SplatRball via Amazon
SplatRball via Amazon

"Splat guns," or SplatRballs, are toy guns that shoot tiny water balls. The company that produces the toy guns says that the product is intended for kids aged 14 and up under adult supervision.

The Clinton Police Department posted photos of “Splat Guns” that have been confiscated by the department from incidents in the Clinton community.

The Clinton Police Department is not only warning everyone of the dangers of the “Orbeez Shooting Challenge" and using these toy guns in this manner but also warns those who want to participate of potential criminal charges that may result from this challenge. The Clinton Police referred residents to a link to the criminal code when it comes to firearms, including toy guns.

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