If you need to stock up on groceries do it before Sunday.  Aldi and many, many other stores in Illinois will be closed for the holiday.  However, there are still some big boxes that will be open for you to fill up your big box.

More Stores Closing For Holidays


More stores have closed for holidays throughout the year.  Historically stores would close on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and Thanksgiving.  But then with the arrival of shopping mania and Black Friday, stores started opening on Thanksgiving as well.

In recent years, the trend has moved back to giving employees off for Thanksgiving Day and even more holidays.  This is partially due to employee and public pushback, but even more so because people can shop anytime they want online.  So instead, companies are saving money by not paying employees double holiday pay and closing the doors.

Now, there is a new holiday that is seeing the trend of brick-and-mortar stores closing for the day.

All Aldi Stores Will Be Closed On March 31

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Easter Sunday falls on the last day of the month this year.  March 31.  Aldi, along with other retail stores will be closed that day for the holiday.

Not only will Target be closed on Easter Sunday, but according to USA Today, Aldi, Sam's Club, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, HomeGoods, Costco, Lowe's, and Macy's will also be closed for the day.

Meanwhile, retail giant Walmart will stay open on Easter Sunday. Many other regional grocery stores will be open as well.  Such as Hy-Vee, Kroger, and Jewel-Osco.  So unlike other major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, there will be options if you need to do some Sunday shopping.

You can also still get food for your pet on Easter Sunday.  PetSmart and PetCo will be open.

What do you think?  Should more stores close on Easter Sunday?  Let us know in the comments.

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