How fun is it discovering a new independent unsigned band on the rise ... especially when it might include some members quite familiar to you? That's what we're tasking you with here as a mystery group known as The Violent have arrived today (May 22) with a new video for their track called "Fly on the Wall."

We received the video along with a quote from an anonymous email with a few vague details.

"The Violent is a necessary medium by which we need to release the venomous thoughts in our own minds to maintain an optimistic outlook," the quote reads.

The group touts that they are a "new independent unsigned band," but the members of this mystery band have been a part of the rock world for awhile now. They decided it was time for a new approach, coming out on the other side ready to rise through the ranks again. There's no denying they have a catchy sound that's ready for rock radio.

Their first song and video for "Fly on the Wall" can be viewed at the bottom of this post. There have been a few comments on the familiarity of the singer's voice, but so far the secret has been kept.

Good luck trying to discern who the members of The Violent are, as the video hides the faces of the drummer and guitarist while the singer is mostly obscured by the microphone, his hoodie and some eye catching effects.

YouTube: The Violent
YouTube: The Violent

The band initially offered a tease of the new song on social media with the caption: "Do you continue to hold this inside of you and suffer with it? Or do you release it knowing your thoughts will become words and your words will become weapons. What if it isolates you?" See if the teaser offers any clues:

A pinned tweet on their Twitter page reads: "Religion and politics divide us. We follow those who have the beliefs we want or the beliefs that make us feel comfortable therefore getting filled with more of those views by submersing. Social media is the same and is a new form of religion." Meanwhile, a separate tweet offers the definition of the word "cult" and another suggests, "The Violent is a vent with no filter. Pressure needs released. The silence has manifested itself into a learning experience for the masses and yet will seep through our lips."

Prior to the teaser, the band had mostly focused on sharing their logo and teasing that "Fly on the Wall" was en route. They also have social media pages at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but have been careful not to reveal their identities as of yet.

Take a listen, watch the video, look for clues, check out their social media threads and see if you can figure out where the members of The Violent came from.

The Violent, "Fly On the Wall"

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