When it comes to dumb criminal stories, this is a doozy.

Last week, two men broke into a home that's currently unoccupied and being updated. They reportedly stole a bunch of stuff, including a working camera. When they picked it up they apparently wondered aloud what it was. If you don't know what something is, you probably don't want to take it with you. Here's the unbelievable story.

It happened early in the morning of Monday, March 14 at a home near the corner of 74th & Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Two guys allegedly took about $8,000 worth of tools. Erica Winship, a realtor for Premier Point Realty, told WISN, "They also took a camera which was hidden, which they did not know would operate pretty much anywhere, so it's operating on their dining table right now. We can see everything."

As of this Monday, the camera had been recording for a week. It has captured people using drugs, as you'll see in the video below. Winship says the battery-operated camera, which operates on a cellular network, has also transmitted people talking about items they've sold, and what they used the money on.

Thus far, the Milwaukee Police Department hasn't made any arrests in the burglary case. I've got to believe it's only a matter of time. Perhaps they're hoping to turn this into an even bigger bust or maybe tips will come after this aired in the city. Let's hope so. Nobody likes thieves.

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