Who are you?

My name is Robert Olson.  Born and raised in Southern California.  Have been living here in Davenport for the last 12 years now.  I have a 12-year-old daughter who will hopefully one day learn of her evil ways and start listening to metal.  LOL.  Playing metal/punk on the radio has been a teenage dream of mine.  Even tho I only have an hour and only the bare minimum of songs to play from my pages of setlists I'm gonna make it a kick-ass headbanging, wanna slap yo mommas on the ass show.  Cuz like they say "one great rock show can change the world".

Why do I love Hard Rock?

If by hard rock you mean metal and punk then I'll tell you why.  Metal/punk speaks the truth. It tells it like it is.  Doesn't hide behind invisible curtains.  Doesn't sugarcoat what's wrong/right.  Exposes the lies "they" try to sell you while teaching us about brotherhood/sisterhood and fighting for what is right for all of us.  Metal/punk is the purest form of music.  The emotions and actions and the mind trip it sets us in is some 3rd eye, multi-dimensional evil/good, righteous mind fuck ever.  No other genre can do that!

Who is my favorite band/artist?

Tough question.  Guns n Roses started my journey into the metalverse.  They took me all the way to hell and brought me out of it.  Slash is my go-to dude.  His skills, intelligence, experiences, and his ability to morph into different bands.  Sets him apart from the rest.  He is not of this world.

What was my best concert ever?

Fkn Slayer in Orlando Florida.  It was pure anarchy from the start.  From standing in line to leaving the show.  Crowds urinating on cop cars to throwing bottles at the Hard Rock Hotel and of course your common dumpster fires. It was my buddy and my first time seeing Slayer.  He's never crowd surfed before.  So it was my duty that he experienced this magnificent unholy event.  The opportunity came and up he went with a throw from my hands.  Halfway to the stage, all I saw were feet.  He was about to hit the floor!  Next thing I know he's back up and on his way to the front.  The MFKR made it onto the stage, threw his horns, and was pulled off stage.  Best show ever.

My playlist.

  1. Deicide – Once Upon The Cross
  2. Avenged Sevenfold – Heretic
  3. Megadeth – 99 Ways To Die
  4. Acid Bath – Morticians Flame
  5. S.O.D. – Bigger Than The Devil
  6. Marilyn Manson – Dope Hat
  7. Ugly Kid Joe – Panhandlin’ Prince
  8. Choking Victim – Money
  9. The Exploited – Sex and Violence
  10. Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki
  11. Slayer - War Ensemble
  12. Bad Religion – Voice of God is Government
  13. NOFX – Murder The Government

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