You only have so much time left to enjoy the Bettendorf Community Center, or the adjacent Sunnycrest park.  The city of Bettendorf is taking bids to redevelop that piece of land as the city continues to redevelop the downtown corridor.

The City of Bettendorf announced they are seeking proposals for the redevelopment of the property located at 2204 Grant Street, commonly known as the Herbert Goettsch Community Center, and Sunnycrest Park.  From a notice to bidders, the city says;

Future development of this site shall be a use that is indicative of what is traditionally found in a high traffic urban setting. The City is intent on seeing this redevelop as a commercial, market rate multi-residential, restaurant, and/or retail development that will serve as a catalyst to drive additional downtown investment and growth."

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The city wants to to dispose of this currently city owned public property and to have this property a taxable commercial property. At the time of issuance of the request for proposals, the total assessed value of the land is $442,110.

The land up for redevelopment can be seen below outlined in red.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But don't think Bettendorf is just going to take the land and give it to the highest bidder to put whatever they want on it.  The city stated that the following uses associated with the development are prohibited:

  • No single-family housing
  • No low-income housing
  • No senior housing
  • No liquor stores
  • No gas stations
  • No convenience stores
  • No tobacco or vape shops
  • No tattoo/piercing parlors
  • No storage units
  • No automotive sales
  • No automotive maintenance, car washes or body shops
  • No pawn shops
  • No title loan or “quick cash” operations
  • No fireworks retailers or wholesalers
  • No pet boarding operations
  • No gaming establishments
  • No adult entertainment establishments
  • No construction or landscaping companies, unless it is specifically a corporate office
  • No storage/staging yards or service vehicle parking
  • Such other restrictions as the City Council may designate

Still got an idea and the cash to make it happen?  The city will be taking proposals until October 22, 2021.  You can read the full release from the city here.

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