The Battle of the Bands is back at the Mississippi Valley Fair and 2022 is bigger and better with two days of music.  The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and MH Entertainment will be hosting the FREE Battle of the Bands.

If you were at the 2021 Battle of the Bands you may remember Alborn taking the crown that night.  The show featured 10 bands with a mix of rock acts and country acts.  This year, the BOTB has been split into 2 days.  March 19, will be all rock.  With March 20 having all the country bands compete.
Over the fall, fans nominated their favorite bands on Facebook, and MH Entertainment had over 161 nominations.  The top vote-getters from the Facebook page have all been selected to play at the show.
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Each band will perform for 20 minutes and be judged by a panel of judges that are all from out of the Quad Cities and all in the music venue business.  After all the bands are done with their performance, the winner will be announced around 7 PM.

The bands will showcase their talent with the winner for each battle winning a paid show during the 2022 Mississippi Valley Fair.  The winners of each battle will get a paid show at Gypsy Highway.

Who is playing at the 2022 Battle of the Bands?

Here is the full lineup with start times for each band at Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 19th.

A Band Has No Name - 3:00 pm

A Band Has No Name
A Band Has No Name

“A Band Has No Name” has been playing together in one form or another for more than 5 years. What started as a basement experiment playing unusual covers - sometimes making them their own - and sharing that with friends, is now three music teachers and two longtime weekend warriors playing at bars, block parties, house parties, birthdays, and now a Battles of the Bands!
It’s not exactly true that "A Band Has no Name" has no name.
They collect band names - about 1,000 and counting - and each gig, just before they play, they choose a new name at random from that list.

Mo's Garage - 3:30 pm

Mo's Garage
Mo's Garage

Hailing from Orion, Illinois, Mo’s Garage consists of Brian and Lora Ossian on vocals, drummer Ken Smith, bassist Alex Axup, and guitarists Mike Westerlund and Ron Farwell.

Formed in 2015, the band started out with one simple goal in mind….just have fun! Coupling the philosophies “life is too short to be taken seriously” and “music helps soothe the soul”; the band seeks to make every one of our engagements fun, entertaining, and engaging. We feel our fans are just like us; hardworking people who make a living in all walks of life. Our job is to help them forget about their worries for a while, cut loose with us, and lose themselves in the music.

While we may not be the most technically proficient or musically advanced band in the world, we do promise that we will make your hearts and ears bleed one butchered song at a time. We bring an eclectic mix of music wherever we go, guaranteeing that you’ll hear songs you haven’t heard in ages as well as hearing songs you never want to hear again!  And that’s what endears us to so many of our fans. We love what we do together and the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts for Mo’s Garage. We play music in our own lighthearted and unique way. And somehow it all comes together to create a good time for all involved.

Eugene Levy - 4:00 pm

Eugene Levy
Eugene Levy
Named one of the nation’s “rising pop-punk bands” in AltPress at the end of 2020, Eugene Levy is one of the Midwest’s most exciting new acts.
The pop culture-inspired five-piece started off strong in 2019 with two EPs and a “Battle of the Bands” win that earned them an opening spot for Bayside at a sold-out Bottom Lounge.
In the short time they’ve been together they’ve also had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as The Ataris, Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), Free Throw, Carousel Kings, Keep Flying, Sincere Engineer, and many more.
With their combination of influences drawing from everything from early 2000’s Warped Tour mainstays like New Found Glory to modern pop-punk such as State Champs and Neck Deep, Eugene Levy continues to win over new fans with each release.
When even AEW and WWE Superstars are giving their seal of approval, it’s hard to not be excited to see what comes next from Eugene Levy!

The Forty Twos - 4:30 pm

The Forty Twos
The Forty Twos

During one of the most difficult times our generation has ever faced, four individuals found themselves at a complete standstill. All the things that they knew were coming to an end and a season of change was setting in. Hailing from the plains of the heartland, hard work is no stranger to The Forty Twos. When the music came to fruition not only was there a new chapter in all their lives starting to unfold also a new WHY came to be. Heart-stopping drums wrapped up in screaming guitar melodies cranked up to 11 quickly became the standard at The Forty Twos rehearsals. However, the ‘why’ was discovered after some time. In a world of disconnection and mind-numbing distractions, this music will bring you together with everybody in the room while also making you face emotions old and new alike.

Monroe - 5:00 pm

A name you will not forget! Monroe has become a fan favorite! With loyal and dedicated fans Monroe is always sure to pack the house! They have been taking over the Midwest for the last three years! They are the perfect mixture of ground-shaking hard rock and beautiful melodic melodies! With members Gavin Arnold (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Dalton Seebruck(lead guitar), Logan Bell (bass guitar), and Josh Kennedy(drums) they strive to take over the scene! They have shared the stage with the likes of Three Doors Down, Hinder, Jackyl, Crobot, Saliva, Tantric, Through Fire, Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves, Adelitas Way, and many more national touring acts! This highly talked about band is sure to not disappoint! Their music video single "Tides" released in 2021 shook the area!  It grabbed the attention of Jose Urquiza (Singer of Three Years Hollow), Shaun Foist (Drummer for Breaking, along with Morgan rose (Drummer for Sevendust) and Barry Stock (lead guitar for Three Days Grace)! They are currently working on their new EP "This is Rebirth" with all three of these professional musicians as their producers!

Baja - 5:30 pm


BAJA is a group of musicians based out of Northern Illinois. Consisting of two core members Jonathan Rivera and AJ Schmall, the band achieves a soft pop-rock sound featuring an electric, live horn section. BAJA's imitable sound is complemented by the energy induced by Rivera and Schmall.

NonGrata - 6:00 pm


NonGrata is a 5-piece Alternative Metal band from Iowa City, Iowa. The band was formed in 2017 from a collection of music-loving nobodies who soon found the connection they were looking for. Their influences extend far across the musical spectrum and their unique brand of entertainment fuses their heavy yet, melodic sound with an engaging, high-energy performance that will make you want to get off your feet and move. NonGrata has shared the stage with national acts such as Nonpoint, Nita Strauss, Adelita's Way, Ra, Saul, and many more. NonGrata is sure to give you a show that you won't soon forget.

Elision - 6:30 pm

Midwest Nucore band that brings pure energy to the Midwest music scene. We are located in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa.
Multiple inspirations that create musical chaos.
Wade Peck: Drums
Tim Sigler: Bass
Stephen Storm: Vocals
Nolan Harding: Guitar

Now that you know the bands, how will they be judged to win the MH Entertainment Battle of the Bands?

  • First, is of course the music.  Clarity, lyrical content, and overall musical performance
  • Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction.
  • Appearance and Personality.  If you want to be a rock star, you need to look the part!
  • Confidence.
  • Crowd Applause.  Fans Need to be LOUD!
  • Minutes over.  Bands have 20 minutes and will lose points for every minute over.  Create that setlist and be prepared to hit your time.

There you go.  The 2022 MH Entertainment Battle of the Bands at the Missississippi Valley Fair.

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