It's not every day that Myles Kennedy is just out cruising the Midwest and stops by the radio station.  But that is what happened as Myles stopped by to chat about new music, all his bands, and even played live for us his new song and an old one from one of those other bands.

New Song, New Album

Myles Kennedy
Myles Kennedy

Myles has a new song out called "Say What You Will".  Like many songs, the song came together over time as he first wrote the riff while in his hotel room on tour with Alter Bridge.  Then the main lyric, "Say what you will to me..." came to him while on an airplane.  Now Myles says the song is about, "It's an intense lyric.  it's about addressing those critical voices in your head or external."

Myles then performed the song live in the studio, which you can hear below, and told me "The new record was written as a full-on rock record with electric guitars.  The first two solo records were written on acoustic guitars so that was easy.  When my manager said I needed to work up acoustic arrangements of "Say What You Will" and I was like well how it that was going to work?"  As you can hear below, it worked very well.

The new album "Art Of Letting Go" is coming out on October 11th.

You Need To Get Earplugs!

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

I go to a lot of concerts.  You probably go to a lot of concerts.  That is a good thing.  But, you need to protect your ears to go to more concerts.  Myles almost quit music back in 2001/2002 because of the ringing in his ears. With a case of really bad tinnitus, it can become overwhelming at times but he's learned to manage it.  He says the only time it really bothers him now is if he's in the woods or the desert when it's supposed to be quiet and he still hears the buzz.

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What Else Did We Chat About?

A lot of stuff...and it goes all over the place cause that is what I do.

What else has Myles been jamming on lately?  He said they toured with a band called "MJT" that we need to check out.  Then he also has been liking what Dirty Honey, Mammoth WVH, and Highly Suspect have been doing.

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What about his other bands?  Myles said there have "been plans" to get back in the studio with the other bands.  And by plans, he clarifies that nothing is fully set but they have been talking.  So fans can be happy hearing that while Myles is currently focused on his solo project, Alter Bridge and his work with Slash is not done.

And speaking of Alter Bridge, Myles also played an acoustic version of "Addicted To Pain" which you can hear below as well.

Enjoy the interview and the songs and keep an eye out for Myles Kennedy hitting the road this fall/winter for his new album.


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