As we get closer to the "Holy S&#t We've Made It Two Years" concert/party (Sept 3 at Riverview Roadhouse in Le Claire, get details here!) we had the headliners stop in the studio to take over as this week's I-Hosts.  Listen in to the guys today (8/27) at 6pm.

Question one - Who are you?
Justin - Justin Taylor, singer and guitarist of Alborn
Alex - Alex Raser, drummer and unclean vocalist of Alborn

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?
Justin - To me it's the most authentic and realistic. It's the only genre that always seems to understand what I'm dealing with or what I'm feeling.
Alex - I always grew up around it being an influence from my parents, their friends, and my friends and just fell in love with it as I grew up. I respect it more and more every day now that we are beginning to get a taste of the industry and getting to create my favorite genre of music.

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist?
Justin - With so many to choose from, I'd say Deftones as an overall favorite.
Alex - Always hard for me to answer with just one but my top 3 are always Tool, Deftones, Mudvayne.

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen?
Justin - Parkway Drive in 2017. Side stage during the day and brought more energy to the stage than I'd ever seen.
Alex - Gojira at Sonic Boom a few years ago. I'd just been getting really into Gojira and exploring their catalog, and holy s**t they came out swinging with the tightest and most powerful performance I've ever witnessed.

Our playlist:

Cypress Grove - Clutch
Bitemarks and Bloodstains - Finch
Blvd. Nights - Team Sleep
Kill Control - Skrape
Just So You Know - American Head Charge
Predictable - Korn
Prey - 10 Years

Out From Under - Incubus
Rx Queen - Deftones
Silly Beast - Sevendust
Dam That River - Alice In Chains
Skin O' My Teeth - Megadeth
Brother - Dark New Day
Mine - Taproot

Sevendust, Austin Meade, Alborn, Kirra at The Rust Belt

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