This is where you sign up to win at the FREE, ALL AGES, 2 Year Anniversary Party at Riverview Roadhouse*:

  • $935 cash
  • Custom I-Rock 93.5 Firepit
  • Tickets to Chevelle, 3 Doors Down, Stone Temple Pilots, Saving Abel, Ice Nine Kills or Primus
  • Autographed drum head
  • I-Rock 93.5 flag
  • Midwest Monster Fest Tickets

*Must be present to win (this means at Riverview Roadhouse and able to claim your prize when I say your name)
*Drawings will take place between 7pm-10pm
*Must be signed up by 9:55pm to be eligible
*One entry per person
*One winner per person
*Winners picked via computer random number generator.  Prize item/order varies.
*No complaining.  It's a free party have fun.

I'm as shocked as you.  And definitely way more shocked than the fellas at corporate who never thought we'd make it 2 years.  But not only are we still around after 2 years of hard rock, we are on the top of the radio mountain cause the Quad Cities rocks.

Now who knows how many of these we are going to be able to celebrate, so let's do it right.  Friday, September 3rd from 6-10pm at Riverview Roadhouse in Le Claire  join I-Rock 93.5 for a FREE concert, party and kegger that will be loaded with giveaways.

The lineup of live music:
The Forty Twos
High Five Sinners

There was no way I was having a party without some awesome live music.  And while the fellas from Alborn just got done playing in front of thousands at the MVF, they of course wanted to rock our party.  Plus, The Forty Twos, and High Five Sinners who have been rocking Riverview Roadhouse since the start of summer.  That's one hell of a free show.

The bribes:
I'm always trying to bribe you to listen and come out to our events, and for the 2nd anniversary party, these are the biggest bribes ever.

  • The swear jar is full, so somebody is going to walk away with $935 in cash.  
  • VIP Tickets to Chevelle, Ice Nine Kills, 3 Doors Down, Primus, Stone Temple Pilot's and any other shows we announce between now and then.
  • A custom I-Rock 93.5 fire pit from Premier Metal Art.  (Check out pics below)
  • And everyone gets a 2nd Anniversary t-shirt from GT Sports.  Imagine the picture on the poster below, but on a shirt.  It will be cool, and as long as you get their early enough, (unless shit tons of people show up) you'll get one!  That awesome design was made by Jacob Schoenhaar.  Check out more of his work right here at

And you know what...the first keg will be on me to say thank you.  Thank you for supporting this crazy little station and turning it into the absolute best time I've ever had working in radio.  You guys are awesome and without you none of it matters.  So thank you.  And, thank you to the sponsors.  Without them we would have been shut down a long time ago from the suits.  So check out everybody supporting the 2 year anniversary below.

Ok...enough touchy feely crap...let's rock!  See you there!

attachment-Anny poster v1

Take your backyard fires to a new level with this custom fire pit from Premier Metal Art.  You can win it...just be at Riverview Roadhouse in Le Claire on Sept 3!

attachment-fire pit



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