You spend all day with your coworkers.  But it turns out many of you in the Quad Cities are spending some time after work to get another kind of work done.

Sex in the workplace turns out to be more common than you realize.  Or, maybe you do realize it, and here are more numbers to back it up.

Are people ok with interoffice relationships?

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For the most part, people are ok with it.  90% of folks surveyed say it's ok to be romantically involved with a coworker.

However, 64% of the people say it shouldn't be a boss with a subordinate.

But that question is really just about romantic relationships in general.  It doesn't mean these people think it's okay for the desk to be cleared off for some at-work horizontal mambos.

So how many people are doing the locomotion at work?

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Depends on the survey you want to believe, or maybe not believe if it's at your work and makes you cringe, but there are a lot of people getting busy on the job.

A survey from Glassdoor puts the number at 12 percent that has had sex at work.

Another survey from EdenFantasys ticks that number up a bit to 14 percent of people admitting to having sex at work.

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But if you believe a survey from, 90 percent...yes NINETY percent...of you are doing it at work.  But let's be real, that came from people who are on, so it's probably a little skewed.

The up...and downsides of sex at work.

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Clearly, you already know the biggest reason to get into that anymore.  But there are other upsides.

92 percent say their job improved because of their "relationship" with 25 percent of the workplace relationships leading to marriage.

But on the downside, 60 percent of relationships end in breakups.  And probably the worst stat that some of you may have experienced, or dodged the bullet train from, would be the 19 percent who were caught in the act.  Which of course, leads to looking for a new job.

If you do find that someone (or multiple someones) that is worth it for you to find a shady spot in the building maybe the odds will work out for you.  Just be sure nobody else is around.  Clean up when you are done.  And make sure no cameras are recording it.  That one seems like an obvious tip...but...these days!

Business Insider has a full survey about sex in the workplace you can check it out here.

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