It's almost Valentine's Day.  It is the time for love, romance, and getting freaky with some new moves.  And while many times the Quad Cities is split in what it's interested in because of a river, this time, we are apparently all interested in the "Corkscrew".

The Nasty Gal Blog has figured out what position each state is trying to do this Valentine's Day.  As you can see in the full map below, some of these positions that you are searching for seem like they may cause injury.  Some others...really, you have to do a Google search for that.  The research (I need to do more of this research as well) also found what each state's "kink" is.

Iowa and Illinois share the same kink as most of the country.

The biggest fetish/kink in America is a "Foot Fetish".  31 states, including Iowa and Illinois, are getting freaky with the foot.  The most non surprising "kink" out of all the states out there is Nevada.  Which is basically the state of Las Vegas.  Their kink is "An Affair".  Not sure how that qualifies as a kink, but what happens in Vegas right!

What is this "corkscrew" Iowa and Illinois are searching for?

Not just Illinois and Iowa, but Wisconsin and many other states are looking up the corkscrew position.  I feel like some of us in the Midwest were just looking up corkscrews to open some type of booze and stumbled into this position.  Which we then spent way more time on and forgot about the booze.  After some thorough Googling and instructional how-to videos, here is how you pull off the corkscrew.

  1. She leans on the edge of the bed with the hip and forearm on one side.
  2. She presses her thighs together.
  3. He stands and straddles from behind.

If that doesn't paint the picture, there are plenty of videos on the internet that can help you out.

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What other positions are states searching for?

Four of the other most popular sex positions in every state seem very...why are you searching these?  Cowgirl, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, and spooning.  Spooning?  What lame-ass....oh, Alaska.  I get it.  It's cold af there and they are just looking to stay close and stay warm.

Meanwhile, our freaky neighbors to the north and 14 other states are ready to add an injury to their night of sex.  Minnesota is searching the "Standing 69".  That just sounds like so much extra work.  You have a bed.  Use it.

Here you go!  The full map of what every state is going to be doing, or trying to do for Valentine's Day.  Or for those of you by yourself, refer back to the thorough Googling of these positions and have a Happy Valentine's Day as well.

Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal

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