If you've been paying attention to the 93.5 Questions series at all, you know most of my interviews have been with musicians both in the local music scene, and a few national acts as well.  This particular segment is near and dear to me because it comes from someone right inside The Rock 'N Roll Mansion whom I have come to know and learn so much from in the past couple of years. Our very own Trevor At The Lever, host of the I-Rock 9.35 Local Stage, has agreed to run the gauntlet of 9.35 Questions for our fans to get a better look at the man behind the curtain of the Quad Cities' favorite Sunday night pastime.

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Question 1:  You and I have a lot in common in that we started out just as fans of I-Rock who were able to take it to the next level and really get the opportunity to become a part of the station itself.  Can you tell me little about how that journey has been for you?

"Becky!  Before I answer any questions I want to thank you for asking me to be a part of the 9.35 Questions Series!  It was early 2019 and I made my first push to start a voice acting career.  I had no clue where to start or how to even get associated with people in the industry.  The idea was to send my first VO demo to every local radio station to get a start somewhere.  After about a week Ryan McCredden reached out and asked me if I wanted to come into the station and talk.  For the record, every other station in town ghosted me, thanks Ryan!  Then in August 2019 while I was a programmer at the station, ESPN 93.5 switched to the QC's latest and greatest rock station I-ROCK 93.5.  At that moment I wanted anything and everything to do with the brand."

Question 2:  The Local stage has become such a fan favorite and so unique from what might typically be heard on any of our other stations.  What’s it like being the voice of the Quad Cities music scene?

"I definitely wouldn't say I'm THE voice of the QC music scene, but I try my best to make it entertaining in between the already amazing local submissions we get.  Afterall, the main objective of this show is to give the local scene easy access to the airwaves.  When we first started out it was mostly conversation about the gear, production and promoting shows.  Now I try to make it a little more off topic during the segments.  Better to have the listeners get to know who their local bands really are.  Throw in a little humor with some far out there butt chug jokes and we have everyone's favorite radio show in the Quad Cities."

Question 3:  Who would win in a fight; Pit Lord or St. October?

"In reality it would probably be St. October because they have more members than the Meat Masters.  However, the Pit Lord boys are insane and always hungry for the flesh so I'll answer with Pit Lord."

Question 4:  What is the craziest conversation you’ve had on the show so far?

"There's been so many over the past 2 years on The Local Stage.  It might have something to do with somebody falling off of the bow of a boat into the Mississippi and getting their ball bag ripped open.  Everyone should listen to EVERY SHOW archived on all podcast platforms to double check! "

Question 5:  If you could have any artist or band in the studio to co-host the show with you, who would it be and why?

"Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.  I think he would dig every damn song that we juice out over the QC on Sunday nights.  Probably a lot of great advice to give to the bands as well.  If I couldn't land him, I'd probably bring in Paul McCartney just to use his prowess to give the show a bump in popularity."

Question 6:  Your best 3 guesses as to the identity of the Quad City Memes Facebook admin?

"Theresa Bryant

Terry Swails

Eric Maitland"

Question 7:  You also do a lot of video production and voice work on a ton of other projects, when did you first realize you had a talent for that kind of thing and are you currently working on anything new you can share with us?

"I've always been interested in video production from an early age.  I got started where I think everyone did by filming our own "Jackass" videos in high school.  Then moved on to short films and eventually commercial products.  My passion for VO came from my interest with voice acting behind animation and video games.  I'm still pushing to get to where I really want to be, but this is part of the journey!   I'm obviously the voice behind the show, but also the FanDuel Sportsbook ads on ESPN and soon to be 97X.  Use promocode TREVOR!  As for video, I'm currently working on social media videos for small business' around the QC and have another music video in pre production."

Question 8:  If you died tomorrow and became a ghost, what band t-shirt would you want to be wearing for all of eternity?

"Pit Lord!"

Question 9:  Everybody thinks they can get on the mic and host their own radio show.  What’s been the biggest challenge for you that people might underestimate while doing voice work?

"I think anyone anywhere can imagine themselves doing anything in their own head being a lot easier than it really is.  After you're in front of the board a handful of times it's really just a comfort thing.  Just got to get in the element, after that it's a breeze.  I'm just incredibly grateful to get bands opportunities on the show.  It's always a great time talking to people I've never met and also having returning bands come in and hang out.  The show is a perfect outlet for the local scene to come into the studio and get on the air.  Submit your music to thelocalstage@gmail.com !"

.35  There really is no better feeling than…..

"Suggin' on a chili dog, drinkin' an ice cold beer from Stompbox Brewing and listening to THE LOCAL STAGE!"

You can listen to Trevor At The Lever, and all of his amazing guest hosts every Sunday night at 8 PM on the Local Stage on I-Rock 93.5.  Don't forget, if you're a local band looking to get your name out there, drop Trevor a line at thelocalstage@gmail.com.

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