It is that time of year to come up with something scary, clever, funny, or sexy to get the perfect costume for Halloween.  Since a lot of the big parties were missed last year due to the Rona, this year you can go twice as hard in both partying and in costume.

Oh you are looking for a big party to go to this year?  Well let me tell you about a couple.  First off, October 29 at we have the Halloween Bash at The Village Theater.  For a measily $10 you get 5 hard rock bands on the stage.  A chance to win Ice Nine Kills tickets.  A chance to win a new guitar.  And, if you have the right costume, $500 in cash!  That is just how the weekend gets started.

Stay in costume, cause the next night is Halloween Ball 2021 at MVF.  Yes, the biggest Halloween party in the Quad Cities is back with $2,000 in cash prizes.  Music from Hairbangers Ball and Cheese pizza, and your $25 ticket comes with free food thanks to Wise Guys Pizza and Smokin Butt BBQ.

Ok, now that I've told you about the parties, what are you going to wear.  My costumes are always the worst.  I'll put on old jeans and an old shirt and be "Ryan from the '90s."  Yeah, I still have pants and shirts from that decade so it checks out.  The hairline and ache in my back are different from then, but not much else has changed.

Now if you want to dress up in something a little more hard rock, I feel like these are some rock star looks you can pull off.  Will they win the cash prizes at both parties?  Not a clue.  But, you will win the admiration of all the hard rock fans that will be at the parties.  That alone is the sweetest prize.  (Ok maybe the cash is but least you can pull these off.  Me and my stupid glasses.  I have no rock star ability.  The dude from Weezer maybe.  SMFH)

10 Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a good Halloween costume can be difficult. If you are going to go and party this Halloween, do it like a rock star. Check out these rock stars that you can replicate for Halloween.

Quad Cities 15 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time of year. It's a chance for people to dress up to be an entirely different person. Some people take the gory route, others jump in giant inflatables, and some people really want to show off what they have been blessed with. If you're looking to take the sexy direction for Halloween this year, these are the Quad Cities' 15 sexiest Halloween costumes.

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