It would take a brave soul to steal a police car but doing it twice is either dumb or fearless.

The Suspect's First Stolen Police Car In Wisconsin

Since the suspect recently stole a Wisconsin police car for the second time, let's travel back in time to his very first offense. The year was 2022. The incident occurred in Milwaukee. It's a pretty simple story. The thief jumped into a running but unoccupied cop vehicle and took off. He was busted during his joyride. This guy was arrested and went to jail.

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The Second Attempt Of Stealing A Wisconsin Cop Vehicle

I guess the suspect didn't learn from his first mistake because he decided to try and steal another cop's car. Maybe, he thought the original try was just practice. There must have been some sort of crazy thought that allowed him to validate it in his mind. Once again, it was a big swing and miss.

Police Car Lights
Stolen Wisconsin Police Cars

His second attempt was earlier this week in Shorewood. The cops had someone pulled over when the suspect snuck up to the vehicle. Once again, he jumped in and took off. Other officers caught up with the car thief less than a mile away from the crime scene. He was arrested. The squad suffered no damage which is good. Plus, no one was hurt. That situation could've turned ugly quickly. I wonder if he'll ever go for the third try.

According to, 

A 34-year-old man, who is accused of stealing a Milwaukee police squad in late 2022, stole a Shorewood squad car while officers were conducting a traffic stop Tuesday, police said.

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