I'm someone who likes to go to sleep with the TV on, and thanks to Hulu I can now go to sleep with my favorite shows. My favorite show since I was a kid has been "King of The Hill" I still have memories of watching fox in the evening with my mom and dancing to the theme song.

It's one of those shows that pulls fans from absolutely everywhere because of how great the humor is. It pulls jokes from both right and left along with everywhere else as well, which can truly help everyone feel like they are in on the joke.

Recap Of The Show

The series originally aired from 1997 until 2010 and the main premise followed the down-to-earth, yet crazy citizens of Arlen, Texas. This show gave us an honest and unique look into the middle-American mindset. Something I grew up with and truly connected with. And we all have to love Hank Hill, a propane and propane accessory salesman. (I say that line all time.)

The revival

The best news is that the original series creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will return to oversee the series. This news comes along with news of several other projects from the new animation company, including 'Beavis and Butt-Head."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there are no details were given about the plot or production.

The Excitement

I and so many other fans are excited for the revival because of how special this show once. In a world where shows and movies do the absolute most and bizarre stories, there is something truly fantastic about a down to Earth story with a few twists, and comedy in it.

There isn't one bad character in the show either. Every character has a great story that you truly feel for. Even the less moral characters are relatable and fun! I will be watching the show the second it comes out.

My favorite characters are John Redcorn, Bobby, and the king himself Hank Hill!

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