The holiday season is upon us.  Which means family gatherings and awkward conversations with people you haven't seen in a year.

If you are hosting relatives from Wisconsin or traveling to the great white north this year, here are the top 7 things that will get people from Wisconsin so gosh darn riled up.

7 -  Complain about the snow/cold.

man with a snow blowing machine

You are in a no-win situation with this one.  If you are complaining about the snow and cold that is already here you'll get back "You ain't seen anything yet der friend.".  Or if you complain about the lack of snow and how you wanted a White Christmas, then you'll hear "Oh yeah der be happy noo snow is on the ground yet cause it will be here till April you know."

Just avoid weather talk.  It's always the worst in Wisconsin.

6 - Refuse to try the venison.

Unsplash - Clyde He
Unsplash - Clyde He

You may have had venison before.  But you have to try your Wisconsin relatives.  It will come in the form of jerky, stew, sausage, and "you just gotta try this one dat I got this year you know".

If you think by having them come to your house you'll be safe.  You are wrong.  They'll pack that cooler tight so you can have some.

5 - Don't have time to go ice fishin

Ice fishing
Steve Mcsweeny

If you travel to Wisconsin, get ready to go sit on a frozen lake and catch some fish.  You can't turn them down.  No gear?  "Oh no problem der friend, I gots backup gear fer ya."

Think you can escape the frozen hell by having them come to your house with no ice?  Wrong.  Now you just have to listen to them talk about how there is no ice fishing and all the stories of the good times you can have while ice fishing.

4 - Talk bad about the Packers

Getty Images
Getty Images

They might be awful this year.  Even the Lions are better.  But don't you dare speak ill of them.  After all, you are probably talking to an "owner" of the team.

Look what the Vikings are doing... "let me stop ya right there pal cause I see a lot of Lombardi trophies for the Green and Gold you know but how many those purple players win huh."

At least you can agree with them, that the Bears still suck.

3 - Offer them non-Wisconsin beer

Anheuser-Busch InBev Eyes Potential Purchase Of Rival Miller
Getty Images

You can take that Bud and Busch and just use it to water the plants.  Cause it won't go into a Wisconsin beer belly.  Be sure to have plenty of Miller on hand.  Of course, Spotted Cow and Leinie's work too.  Pabst and Old Style in a pinch.

2 - Offer them non-Wisconsin cheese


"Hey look I got this artisan cheese from West Virginia."  Now people from Wisconsin are mild-tempered, but those are fightin words.

Be sure the house is well stocked with Wisconsin-made Cheddar and Colby.  And if you can't get any around your area, be proactive and have your Wisconsin relatives bring you cheese curds.

1 - Talk about their accents

Getty Images
Getty Images

They don't think they have an accent.  You can record them and say things back to them.  But they swear, they don't have an accent even after a conversation like this...

"Hey der guy. I was on da phoooone with ma you know.  An cripes she said dah fishin was good this weekend after da Packer game."

If your response is anything but "Ope." It could be a rough holiday season.

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