Question one – Who are you?                        Julie Hogenson. I'm a new hard rock lover...forced to buy XM radio fof the last  several years!  Two call me Gramma, I was born n raised in Davenport, I still love a lot of classic rock, too.

Question two – Why do you love hard rock?           "It's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to"...already heard that one? How 'bout the 'energy'!

Question three – Who is your favorite band/artist?  ....then? Zeppelin, for sure. Now?....tuff call...

Question four – What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?     The Jackson's Victory Tour at Comisky Park, really amazing. My first HUGE outdoor show (other than local, like ballpark and Credit Island). Great seats helped. HUGE monitors, too. Speaking of our ballpark, Heart was GREAT there, 40+ years ago. Fast forward....Shinedown never fails. AVATAR at ROCKUSA a few years back was very cool, Pop Evil same weekend, too. Also, saw Clapton once, from 7th row just off center. Mostly never took my eyes off his hands.

Hellyeah-                 I Don't Care Anymore
Korn-                       Word Up
Alien Ant Farm-      Smooth Ciminal
Godsmack-            Good Times, Bad Times
5FDP-                    Bad Company
Bad Wolves-          Zombie
Marilyn Manson-   Sweet Dreams
Farewell to Fear-   Diamonds
Limp Bizkit-            Faith
Halestorm-             Shoot to Thrill
Disturbed-              Land of Confusion
Shinedown-           Simple Man
Nirvana-                The Man who sold the World

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