Show me the money! While most people would like to make as much money as they can for their hard work, it should be said that money isn't everything to everyone. Some people want to work jobs where they have fewer hours and can spend more time with their families. Some people want better benefits or more vacation days. It is very true that money can't solve every problem someone might have. I will also say I've never seen someone mad on a new jetski, or a new yacht.

Unsplash - Tobias Tullius
Unsplash - Tobias Tullius

I recently came across this article on Zippia that shows the top 10 highest-paying jobs for 2022 in the Hawkeye state. Now, Zippia says in their article they did a ton of data research using the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, and the Office of Personnel Management to name a select few.

From what I gather, these are the estimated average salaries for these jobs. For example, if you invented the next giant social media app that was bigger than Facebook and you happened to live in Iowa, you would obviously make more money than the number 1 salaried job on this list. Zippia looked at 745 jobs to calculate which jobs pay the most. Do you see your job title in the top 10?

10. Family Practitioner - Average salary of $138,542

9. President and General Manager - Average Salary of $139,172

8. Director of Manufacturing Operations - Average Salary of $142,713

7. Senior Director, Product Marketing - Average Salary of $142,789

6. Nurse Anesthetist - Average Salary of $145,365

5. Public Health Dentist - Average Salary of $150,202

4. Emergency Medicine Specialist - Average Salary of $160,134

3. Owner/Operator - Average Salary of $ 161,401

2. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist - Average Salary of $162,169

1. Industrial Truck Driver - Average Salary of $167,552

Once again, all of these findings are according to Zippia as they have a full list of the top 100 paying jobs in Iowa, for 2022. It's not always all about the benjamins, but if you ever make it to Matira Beach in Bora Bora, let me know how those private huts are and how blue the water is. Man, I'd love to go there just once.

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