There is a resort that's hidden in eastern Iowa that we bet you had no idea about. The hotel and resort we're about to show you has been around for quite a while, but it recently got some new owners that have taken the hidden gem and made it a place you have to visit every summer. It's called the Off Shore Hotel & Resort and you can find it nestled right on the Mississippi River in Bellevue, IA.

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The Off Shore Hotel & Resort has been under new ownership since the end of 2020, but the hotel, bar and grill, event center, and campsite have been around for quite some time. With the new owners, it feels like a brand new resort popped up out of nowhere in eastern Iowa.

The Off Shore Hotel & Resort ( 4115 N Riverview Bellevue, IA) was purchased in December of 2020 by the investment group Offshore Enterprises LLC, according to the Bellevue Herald-Leader. The group is made up of Steve Launspach, Peter Ludwig, Jason Germaine, A.J. Becker, and Ryan Becker who are all residents of the greater Dubuque area the Herald-Leader reports. Members of this group also own Coconut Cove Resort near Kieler, WI; Whitetail Bluff Campground near Cassville, WI; Dubuque Marina and Yardarm Riverfront Bar and Grille; Hawkeye Boat and Camper Sales in Dubuque; and Jason owns Germaine Electric.

When they took over, they had big plans for the Off Shore Hotel & Resort in the small river town of Bellevue, IA. Those plans included renaming the Baymont Hotel to Off Shore Inn & Suites, renovating the bar and grill, and the event center. The biggest and, in our opinion, coolest addition to the Off Shore Hotel & Resort is the aquatics center.

Off Shore Hotel & Resort
Off Shore Hotel & Resort

The graphic above shows the expansion of the campsite that took place. Over 100 new spots were added east towards the river. The campsite expansion and the lake and pool area to the right of the above graphic were part of the proposed $6 million renovations from the new owners, according to the Bellevue Herald-Leader.

Off Shore Hotel & Resort
Off Shore Hotel & Resort

The 'aquatics center' at the west end of the parking lot at the Off Shore Hotel & Resort is a really big attraction for people. The aquatics area includes a 1-acre lake, the Aqua Park on the lake, a beach, a 6,000-square-foot outdoor pool, a playground with a jumping pad, a tiki bar, a clubhouse, and more.

The Off Shore Hotel & Resort is truly a summer paradise hidden in eastern Iowa. You can stay at any time of the year at the Off Shore Inn & Suites, hold your wedding and reception at the Off Shore Events center, stop in for lunch, live music, and dinner at the Off Shore Bar & Grill, and enjoy the wonderful views of the Mississippi River from all of those locations throughout the year.

Before you make the trip to scenic Bellevue, IA, check out photos of the resort that's been hiding in eastern Iowa with photos below.

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