If you like your ice cream on the high tech side, you're going to love this.

N7 Nitrogen Ice Cream just opened and it's located next to Hurts Donuts in Bettendorf, in the TBK Sports Complex area.

According to Google,

"N7 creates the freshest and creamiest ice cream by flash-freezing your selected ingredients at -320 degrees using Liquid Nitrogen. Choose from gelato, yogurt or coconut milk base, then add flavors and mix'ns. Then watch as we create your favorite ice cream while you watch!"

One reviewer said,

"Went there on opening day. I gotta say it was pretty amazing. You can choose different base(milk, yogurt and coconut milk) add flavor and toppings you desire. They make it in front of you.Have lot of options! There were lot of staff which seemed overkill. Ice-cream was very smooth indeed."

According to the date stamp on the review, the ice cream shop opened yesterday. I'm happy to do my own taste test and let you know how it is!

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