Apparently, there is a way to measure how redneck every town, city, and state is. A YouTube video from 2016 has recently gone viral for a second time and claims to have a list of the top 10 most redneck towns in Wisconsin.

As always, I think it's safe to say that these videos are made in good fun, and not meant to be an insult. I think he chose "rednecks" because he knew they would also find it funny, and not be offended by it. He has also made videos for Iowa and Illinois.

The video creator has actually made more videos than just Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin... He has made a video for every state! That's 50 videos dedicated to "redneck" towns. Talk about dedication! His Iowa video actually named one of the towns I grew up in!

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The List

10. Minong

Referred to by some as "in the middle of nowhere" this spot finds itself in at the #10 spot.

9. Merrill

a medium-sized city located alongside Route 52, it also ranks in the top 10 for bait shops!

Largemouth bass

8. Medford

Along Route 64, they rank 5th for gun stores and 2nd for Walmarts per capita.

attachment-RS30018_WALMART EVANSVILLE (2)

7. Clintonville

Found inside Waupaca County which is named after the Waupaca River. According to the video, there are more bars per person in Clintonville than anywhere else in Wisconsin.

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6. Antigo

Ranking in the top ten for Walmarts, and trailer parks. The video puts this town in at number 6.

5. New London

What a name! A great spot for dollar stores, bait shacks, and tobacco according to the video.

4. Berlin

Hey, I have friends in Belin, I'll have to send them this video! A great spot for hunting according to the video.


3. Mauston

This spot has the most fishing stores in Wisconsin! The video claims that the county fair is apparently called the 'redneck roundup." Though I think we all refer to our fairs as that.

2. Watertown

North of I-94, AKA "Watertucky" It also has over 5 dive bars, possibly the most in the state. It's also a great spot for fishing!

Source: Getty Stock, Stamnphoto

It is now time for the great honor of the number one spot! If there is a town on here that should be, let us know! 

1. Adams

In at number 1 is the great town of Adams, located in Adams county. The video says it's a great spot for smoking, and fishing, and has some of the most Walmarts. Some call,, it the "redneck Triganl"

The Video

Did your hometown make it onto this list? I'm still proud of the town I grew up in Iowa for making it onto that list!

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