For parents, we look forward to back to school season because, well...we get to send our kids back to school!  But for kids, the summer is ending and the walls of education are closing in.

At least for some kids, typically the younger ones, they can at least get excited about getting new stuff for the school year.  My little one is 6 years old and heading into first grade.  So she isn't jaded yet.  And she is very excited about her notebook, pencils and of course the backpack.  The backpack is such a symbol for a 6-year-old.  It is like the hardest decision ever.  Which princess she is going to pick.  Or maybe mermaids, or unicorns or fairies.  Who knows, but it will be pink and sparkly.

You can get your kid excited for school with a new shirt from GT Sports in Eldridge.  You see they are going to make youth size I-Rock 93.5 shirts as they have their big back to school sale.  Saturday (8/14) from 10am-12n.  I-Rock 93.5 will be there with some shirts for the kids!  GT Sports will also have their "Buy 2, Get 2" for everything in the store sale going on.  There will be FREE Hurts Donuts while we rock and Smokin Butt BBQ cooks in the parking lot.  (T-shirts will be limited quantity and limited sizes.  One shirt per child in attendance.)

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That I-Rock 93.5 shirt will be a coveted item for back to school this year.  But what about back in the day when you and I were going to school.  What was that item that you couldn't wait to pick out and show your friends.  For me, it was all about the lunch box.  You remember these!

Via eBay Sharonnig

For me as a kid it was all about the themed lunchbox with that thermos inside.  There are two that stick out 100% in my head.  This is the first one. Star Wars was everything back then and the second I saw this picture while searching for these things I remembered this was the one I had.

eBay via funky retro monkey

This was always my favorite cartoon.  I'm not sure if I had this lunchbox, but it looks super familiar.  I went and watched some He-Man awhile back...let's just say when you are young and there are not many options it was good.

eBay via elvistheking75


Finally, this NFL lunchbox.  This is the one I remember the most.  I remember spending time with this exact one looking at the helmet logos on the side.  And I had this thing for awhile so it was fun to look at the ones that changed in time.  Or I'd just sit there and rank the logos in coolness while I was supposed to be eating...or learning.  I learned plenty.  I mean, look at where I am now.

This was a fun trip down lunchbox memory lane.  So while the kid is bothering you for the cool backpack, notebook or Trapper they still use those?  Man I hope so!  Just remember in 40 some years they'll probably remember it.  They'll definitely remember that I-Rock 93.5 shirt you got them too!

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