Are the ghosts of Valentine's Day past still haunting you?  Let I-Rock 93.5 remove those demons with our Valentine's Day exorcism.

It doesn't matter if they just dumped you last week or if it's heartbreak you haven't gotten over from 20 years ago.  We are going to feed the ghosts of the Rock & Roll Mansion pictures of your ex, or ex's, to cleanse your heart and soul.

The only thing better than sending lovers of the past into the dark abyss, free beer.  Send us a picture of your ex below and you'll be registered to win free beer from Bent River Brewing Company.  The ghosts will decide who needs the most beer, so we'll have $50 and $35 for the people that really need to forget, and $10 gift cards for those that just need a couple drinks and will then be ready to jump back in the pool!

You have till February 12th to send in your picture and then look for the video of the exorcism that weekend.

*By sending a picture to us you agree that I-Rock 93.5 has the rights to publish the picture on our social media platforms and website.

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