The weather is getting nicer and nicer and it's time to get out and enjoy it.  On April 20th you can enjoy a tailgate and a race at Brady Street Stadium for a great cause.

The Cities Spring Classic 5K

Marathon running race, people feet on city road

The Cities Spring Classic is an empowering regional celebration of running for all.

After the race, stick around for the tailgate to enjoy festive food of bacon, bagels, and beverages while watching The Cities Spring Classic Invitational, a grand finale spotlight featuring some of the region's fastest runners.

So Many Ways To Race

The Cities Spring Classic
The Cities Spring Classic
  • THE COMMUNITY 5K at 8:30 am - Open to all ages, and abilities. Walkers, joggers, runners, strollers, and pups are all welcome to this event.
  • THE KIDS RACE at 10:00 am: Children can dream big and participate in 1/4 and 1/2 mile runs on the track that morning.
  • THE ADAPTIVE ATHLETES ‘VICTORY RUN’ at 10:30 am: These competitors will complete 100m and 400m distances. Awards and goodie bags will be presented after their races.
  • THE 4X4 CORPORATE RELAY at 11:00 am: A great way to showcase your company and staff! To participate, you need a team of four members. Each member will run a distance of 400 meters.
  • THE SPRING CLASSIC INVITATIONAL at 11:30 am: The Cities Spring Classic Invitational is the day's grand finale, featuring top regional runners competing for cash prizes by completing their fastest 5K run around the track.

Enjoy It All For A Great Cause

The Cities Spring Classic
The Cities Spring Classic

A portion of The Cities Spring Classic proceeds will support Empowering Abilities, the premier local service provider and advocate for individuals with disabilities in the area.

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